Disney Vacation

Good Deals on Disney Vacations

Thinking about Disney vacations lately? If you have a trip down to Disneyworld in the past, then you know that it is an expensive proposition. Between flying down to Orlando, getting tickets to Disney, reserving lodging, and potentially renting a car, the little family vacation can quickly become quite expensive. With some of the tips you'll read here and a little advanced planning, however, you can save some serious money on those Disney vacations.

When it comes to finding a flight for Disney vacations, be sure to look around early on, comparing prices as soon as possible. The key to finding affordable flights to Orlando is to begin the search early, and to look in as many places as possible. Online ticket aggregators have made this task much simpler in the past few years. Simply go online, and take a look around. Find a couple of ticket aggregators that you like, and bookmark them. Start looking for flights about 2 months in advance of your vacation. Check daily for new information on flights, and you may discover some great deals out there. Waiting until the day of your departure may result in paying a serious premium for a flight.

Once you have a flight locked down, then you will have to decide where to stay while you are in Orlando. Although there are countless hotels in Orlando, the basic decision boils down to whether or not you will be staying at the Disney resort or at an offsite hotel. There are a number of tradeoffs involved in either staying onsite or offsite. On one hand, staying at a Disney resort puts you within walking distance of the park, eliminating the need for a rental car. You will also gain a couple of other important perks, such as the Magic pass that will allow you to skip ahead in line at some attractions. The Disney theme is also continued in the resorts, something the kids may enjoy.

On the other hand, staying in the Disney resorts may be somewhat more expensive than staying offsite. Although the resorts were once notoriously expensive, Disney has created a set of different price points to allow families more opportunity to stay at the resort. When you see the higher prices of the resorts, keep in mind that you are in walking distance to the park. With an offsite hotel, you will most likely have to rent a car, which will probably more than offset any savings. Although some hotels may offer shuttle services to the park, do you really want to be tied down to their shuttle schedule?

The other important factor in planning your Disney vacations are the tickets themselves. Do not be fooled into thinking that there is a single price point and a unified ticket plan to be paid for on Disney vacations. Disney offers a variety of ticket options, all of which determine what you can do while at the park. There are also plans for extended Disney vacations in the park, and for returning after a short period of time to the park. Disney offers season passes as well that are an economical means of seeing the park several times over the summer or winter.

One of the most important options on your ticket is probably the park hopping feature. Without park hopping, you will be stuck to a single park for the duration of Disney vacations. Add in park hopping and you can travel wherever you want during your stay at Disney. The water parks are usually an extra feature of Disney vacations that must be specifically paid for as well. Be sure to check these features out and more in order to plan your Disney vacations efficiently.