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My opinion (2 posting(s))

By Mrs Copenhaver on 2008-11-17 11:10 AM

Hi i'm not really sure who to share my opinion with about this subject but this is the only email address i could find for Disney. Im a mother of two girls one is almost eight and a four year old they love Hanna Montanna. I wanted to share my opinion with you and i'm not alone in this as a parent. We are almost to the point that we will no longer watch miss Miley anylonger because of her pictures, her dating 20 year old's and her behavior is not good for little girls as for a role model. She was great but she is pushing it.You will have another Zoey 101 on your hands if you do not take care of it.I do not want my girls growing up thinking it is ok to take pictures like Miley has and to date Men when she is a child still.We buy alot of her stuff for the girls but if she does not calm down i'm sure she will be losing some big time fans. I know it's not Disney's fault she is acting like she is but someone needs to bring it to her parents attention that it is not cool with the little ones she is entertaining... Thank you for your time Mrs Copenhaver

Please help (1 posting(s))

By Nicole Edwards on 2008-11-17 11:17 AM

hi my name is Nicole Edwards I'm 13 years old and live in NJ but have great talents I can sing dance and act I have made leads in my school plays. and im perfect Disney material I really need to be notice. i want to be the next remodel for kids . i think I'm really what your looking for i was going to go to a pro scout audition but i heard there scams but please write back and tell me if i have to contact someone else. I'm not a joke and I'm really ready to go to disney
please help me
Nicole edwards

Suggestions (1 posting(s))

By Katy McNamer on 2008-11-17 11:17 AM

Hello my name is Aubry, and I was just e-mailing Disney Channel for a few suggestions.

I remember when I was younger, like, 2000-2005 all the movies that came out and shows during the Holidays. Including, "Don't Look Under The Bed" and "Unwrapped" and more. Its disappointing to see that Disney is not playing these shows this year. I think it'd be great to see these movies on again, it brings back memories, but not only that, its not portraying our generation.

Thank you please take this into consideration.
Have a nice day.


Good morning (1 posting(s))

By Raul Gonzales on 2008-12-16 05:51 AM

My name is Raul
I have an office and i have people working for me and during the year they want to go to disneyland
I would like to know if you have any discount when someone buy many tickets or if is there any way to get a free tickets????
Please let me know..

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