Disney Vacation

Information on Disney Vacations

Many people all over the world have gone on Disney vacations, some once, some many more times. Kids that go on Disney vacations with their parents or family members have created lovely memories with their families and it's no wonder; the Walt Disney World Resort is a magical, beautiful place that is still helping families make memories, years after it was built. Now, with affordable Disney vacations at their fingertips, more people than ever are deciding to take the plunge and finally give their families the vacation of a lifetime.

Millions of people have taken that plunge and have indulged their families and friends in economical Disney vacations that they never forget. In fact, 17 million visitors enjoyed the perks of Disney vacations last year, making it the most visited theme park in the world. Opened on Oct. 1, 1971, the Walt Disney World Resort has remained the most popular place for tourists to share memories with loved ones and relax while basking in the warmth of the Florida sun year-round.

It comes as no surprise though; Disney vacations are filled with fun, excitement and magic, and where else would youngsters capture all of those things better than in Magic Kingdom? The main park in the resort, Magic Kingdom is a beautiful, intricate place famous for "It's a Small World", "The Haunted Mansion","Splash Mountain" and the world-famous "Pirates of the Caribbean". Children delight in the characters that roam the theme park and Cinderella's castle is the landmark, not just for the park, but for the entire resort. Divided into six amazing lands that guests can explore, the Magic Kingdom Park is only the beginning of your Disney vacations adventure.

Following closely in the fun is Epcot, the futuristic center of the Walt Disney World Resort. The view of its spectacular landmark, Spaceship Earth, is alone worth the trip. However, there are so many things that you can do at Epcot, from rides and shows to visiting the countries from all over the world. The World Pavilion includes displays, architecture, rides and food from different countries from all over the world, from the fjords of Norway to the majestic buildings of China. The World Pavilion is also the home of the most beautiful fireworks and laser display in the entire resort. It is an intricate and complicated show that is put on nightly, and it never, ever disappoints.

Boasting an equally impressive, if not more children-oriented final show is Disney's Hollywood Studios, formerly known as the Disney-MGM Studios. Fantasmic is a magical nightly show involving fireworks, lasers, characters and music. It brings together major Disney heroes and villains to create a spectacular display of good versus evil, complete with live performers, pyrotechnics and puppets. It will make every single one of your Disney vacations unforgettable.

But this isn't the only thing that will make your visit to the Hollywood Studios unforgettable. Home of the Tower of Terror and the Rock N' Rollercoaster, the theme park is an actual working movie studio, having hosted many famous shows, movies and miniseries like Mortal Kombat, From The Earth to the Moon and many more. It also hosts television special, shows and concerts, so guests should not be surprised to run into movie or television stars on a regular basis. The production studios have been home to music videos by N Sync, Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys, and Tom Hanks even had an office behind the studio lots at one point. Tours take visitors into the back lots, showing them how special effects in movies are made and bringing a little movie magic their way.

All of these things and more await guests when they take advantage of cheap Disney vacations; Mickey Mouse and friends are waiting to make each and every one of your Disney vacations the most memorable experiences of your life.